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Liz Woodley, Pastor’s Wife and First Lady, Mother and Grandmother of a large blended family, successful IT Executive, former Chief Information Officer, Author, Motivational Speaker, Certified Life, Financial & Spiritual Coach, and Friend among other titles, is a survivor with stories to tell, and experiences to share.

Having survived childhood abandonment, physical abuse, divorce, depression, and  the loss of her oldest son and siblings, while gaining her Master’s Degree in Information Technology and climbing the corporate ladder, she also became a Christian and had to learn a thing or two about forgiveness and dealing with past trauma.

She wrote her first book ‘From One Statistic To Another, Against All Odds’ she chose to use the  pen name Valentina Journey. Valentina means courageous and this is a story of her courageous journey from a teenaged single mom to a Chief Information Office (CIO) against many obstacles. Now writing her second book, Love Made Me Do It, due to be released in 2022.

In whatever role she plays in your life, you are sure to find the wisdom she has gained and so willingly shares helpful for your journey as many other already have.

You won’t regret reaching out today!

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She wrote her first book ‘From One Statistic To Another, Against All Odds’ she chose to use the  pen name Valentina Journey.

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IT Executive Consulting
IT Executive Consulting
As a former CIO and Executive myself let me help you and your organization with IT needs. I can assist in configuration or help your organization take their IT department and needs to the next level.
Life, Spiritual, Financial Coaching
Transformational Coaching
As a pastor's wife and First Lady let me help you with one on one type of coaching. I can assist you in life, spiritual, personal and financial coaching. Sometime working with a personal coach is all you need to take your life to the next level.
In From One Statistic to Another, Valentina Journey shares the powerful lessons she learns growing up the fifth of six children born to an interracial couple. Overcoming an array of adversity this story will motivate you to over come all odds.

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Motivational Speaker/Radio Personality

As a Pastor’s wife, mother and
grandmother of a blended family, I have
become passionate about healthy loving
relationships, especially after God
restored my marriage after separation.
As a former executive, I spent over 25
years working in Corporate America
and am now led to pursue full time ministry, motivational
speaking, life coaching and writing again.